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Booking attractions in Jasper National Park, located in Alberta, Canada. Jasper National Park has a variety of incredible experiences for nature enthusiasts, from stunning mountain landscapes to abundant wildlife. Jasper National Park is one of the largest and most northerly of the Rocky Mountain national parks, offering a sublime expanse of untamed wilderness for visitors to explore. It spans over 11,000 square kilometers (4,200 square miles) and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, and others in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks system.

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VIA Rail Mountain Train Tickets

Book Jasper VIA Rail Mountain Train Tickets

Book Jasper VIA Rail Mountain Train Tickets

VIA Rail Mountain Train Tickets

An unforgettable VIA Rail Rocky Mountain Train Journey. Board the VIA Rail Mountain train at the Jasper National Park VIA Station.

6 Day VIA Rail Mountain Train Tickets

Unforgettable VIA Rail Rocky Mountain Train Journey: A national treasure-class train trip allowing you to explore gems along the Icefields Parkway, discover a list of winding peaks, high mountains, and flowing water, accompanied by ancient glaciers.

Experience the Canadian Rockies' most scenic lakes and majestic canyons in Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. Yoho National Park, "rock walls and waterfalls," as an expression of wonder and awe.

VIA Rail Mountain Train Itinerary

Departure Point: Calgary Intl Airport , 2000 Airport Rd NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 6Z8 Canada.

Please Note: Free shuttle service from Airport to Hotel (Please provide your flight details at least 3 days before departure): Meet at arrival terminal, District A, Door No. 1 (outside), The driver will welcome you with a "Westar Travel" sign. Pick up time: 10AM; 12PM; 2PM; 4PM; 6PM; 8PM; 10PM.
VIA Rail Mountain Train Itinerary
VIA Rail Rocky Mountain 6 Day Banff, Jasper Tour from Calgary to Vancouver.

Book Jasper VIA Rail Mountain Train Tickets

Jasper Canadian Rockies Train Tours

Rocky Mountaineer

Canadian Rockies Train Routes:

Rocky Mountaineer offers several routes through the Canadian Rockies, the most popular being:

First Passage to the West

Travels between Vancouver and Banff or Calgary, retracing the historic Canadian Pacific Railway.

Journey through the Clouds

Connects Vancouver with Jasper, offering spectacular views of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies and the stunning Pyramid Falls.

Rainforest to Gold Rush

An adventurous route from Vancouver to Jasper via Whistler and Quesnel, highlighting diverse landscapes from lush rainforests to arid desert landscapes.

Rocky Mountaineer Train Tour Season

Operates from April to October.

The Rocky Mountaineer Train Tour Experience

Daytime Travel

Trains only run during the day to ensure passengers don't miss out on any of the scenery. Nights are spent in hotels at various stops along the route.

Service Levels

Offers multiple classes of service, with SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf being the most popular. GoldLeaf features bi-level dome coaches with full-length windows and gourmet meals prepared by chefs.

Scenic Highlights

Passengers can see wildlife, towering rocky mountains, river canyons, and pristine lakes.

Rocky Mountaineer Booking and Packages

Packages often include hotel stays, meals, transfers, and sometimes additional activities in the stopover cities. Booking in advance is recommended, especially for peak travel times.

Jasper VIA Rail Train Tours


The Canadian route is VIA Railís flagship service connecting Toronto to Vancouver. It offers an extended journey through the Rockies, focusing on both the prairies and the mountainous regions.


Operates year-round, providing different seasonal perspectives of the landscape.

The Jasper VIA Rail Train Tour Experience

Classes of Service

Includes Prestige, Sleeper Plus, and Economy. The Prestige Class offers luxurious accommodations with all-inclusive amenities.

Onboard Features

Dome cars for viewing, activities like wine tastings and informational talks, and freshly prepared meals.

Scenic Highlights

Includes Jasper National Park, the Alberta prairies, and the Fraser Canyon with its Hell's Gate water torrent.

VIA Rail Booking and Packages

VIA Rail also offers packages that include accommodations, meals, and occasionally off-train excursions.

Planning Your Canadian Rockies Train Trip


Trips can range from a few days to over a week, depending on the route and stops you choose.


Prices vary significantly between the luxury levels and train companies. Rocky Mountaineer tends to be more upscale and consequently more expensive than VIA Rail.


Consider what you want to see and do; summer offers lush green landscapes and full tourist services, while fall gives breathtaking autumn colors but with cooler temperatures.

What to Bring

Comfortable Clothing: Dress in layers, as temperatures can vary throughout the journey.
Camera: With panoramic views and potential wildlife sightings, a good camera will enhance your experience.
Binoculars: Great for closer views of wildlife or distant landscapes.

Train tours through the Canadian Rockies provide a memorable and comfortable way to access some of the most inaccessible and stunning natural beauty that Canada has to offer. They combine the romance of train travel with the luxury of modern amenities, making them a popular choice for those seeking a unique travel experience.