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Booking attractions in Jasper National Park, located in Alberta, Canada. Jasper National Park has a variety of incredible experiences for nature enthusiasts, from stunning mountain landscapes to abundant wildlife. Jasper National Park is one of the largest and most northerly of the Rocky Mountain national parks, offering a sublime expanse of untamed wilderness for visitors to explore. It spans over 11,000 square kilometers (4,200 square miles) and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, and others in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks system.

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Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Book Jasper Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Book Jasper's Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Boat cruise on Maligne Lake, located in Jasper National Park
Cruise the largest glacially fed lake in the Canadian Rockies on this 90-minute, award winning interpretive tour in Jasper National Park. Visit world-famous Spirit Island, the crown jewel of the Park, and experience views from one of the most photographed locations in the entire Rocky Mountains. When you are finished, stop for tea at the historic Maligne Lodge or relax along the shore for incredible views of the mountains ringing the lake.

Jasper Maligne Lake Boat Cruise Tour Site

Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Imposing granite peaks circle a wonderland of cascading waterfalls, lush forests, hot springs, and diverse wildlife. At the heart of the park lies one of the true treasures of the Canadian Rockies, Maligne Lake.

Enjoy Maligne Lake's Beautiful Landscapes

Jasper Maligne Lake Boat Cruise Tour ends back at the boathouse, where you can purchase a hot beverage or a snack from the nearby lodge and chalet. Feel free to linger as long as you like and enjoy the landscapes from the shore.

Book Jasper's Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Jasper Boat Cruises and Canoe Tours

Maligne Lake Cruise

Location: Maligne Lake is located approximately 44 kilometers (27 miles) from the town of Jasper.
Duration: The cruise typically lasts about 90 minutes.
Best Time to Visit: The cruises usually operate from June to early October, depending on the weather conditions.

Highlights of the Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Spirit Island: This is one of the most famous and photographed locations in the Canadian Rockies. The cruise stops at Spirit Island, allowing passengers to disembark and enjoy the scenery, take photos, and learn about the area's history and geology from knowledgeable guides.
Scenic Views: The lake is surrounded by towering peaks, and the waters are a stunning shade of blue, providing breathtaking views throughout the cruise.
Wildlife: The area around Maligne Lake is home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, moose, and bald eagles. While wildlife sightings are never guaranteed, the journey provides a great opportunity to spot animals in their natural habitat.

Maligne Lake Boat Cruise Booking and Preparation

Advance Booking: It is advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist season, as the cruises are popular and can fill up quickly.
Cost: Prices vary depending on the age group and specific cruise options. Discounts may be available for children and seniors.
What to Bring: Weather in the Rockies can change rapidly, so it's recommended to dress in layers and bring waterproof clothing. Don't forget your camera and binoculars for wildlife viewing and landscape photography.

Additional Activities

Hiking: There are several trails around Maligne Lake, ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes. The area around the lake offers trails such as the Bald Hills and the Opal Hills.
Fishing: Maligne Lake is also popular for fishing, especially for trout. Fishing permits are required and can be purchased in the town of Jasper.

Environmental Considerations

Visitors are encouraged to follow Leave No Trace principles to help preserve the natural beauty of the area. This includes packing out all trash and minimizing disturbance to wildlife.

Other Cruises and Water-Based Activities

While the Maligne Lake cruise is the most notable, Jasper National Park offers other opportunities to enjoy its waters:

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoe and kayak rentals are available at several lakes, including Maligne Lake, offering a more personal and quiet experience on the water.
Medicine Lake: This lake, also located on the Maligne Valley road, doesn't offer boat cruises but is notable for its unique disappearing water, which drains through sinkholes in the bottom of the lake.

Key Locations for Canoeing

Maligne Lake: This is the largest and one of the most picturesque lakes in Jasper National Park. Canoe rentals are available here, allowing visitors to paddle at their own pace, exploring quiet coves and the shorelines at a much closer range than a motorized boat allows. Paddling to Spirit Island is a popular goal for many visitors, though it's quite a distance and requires a good level of fitness and preparation.

Pyramid Lake: Smaller than Maligne Lake and closer to the town of Jasper, Pyramid Lake offers a more sheltered canoeing experience. The lake has a charming island connected by a footbridge, which you can explore by canoe. The backdrop of Pyramid Mountain makes this a particularly scenic paddle. Patricia Lake: Located just a short distance from Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake is another excellent spot for canoeing. It's known for its calm waters and beautiful surroundings, making it ideal for beginners or those looking for a relaxing paddle.

Renting Canoes

Rental Options: Both Maligne Lake and Pyramid Lake have canoe rental facilities right at the lakeshores during the summer months. You can rent canoes by the hour or for a full day.
Cost: Prices vary by location and length of rental, but expect to pay per hour with options to extend to half-day or full-day rentals.

Planning Your Canoe Trip

Timing: Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to go canoeing because the water is usually calmer and there are fewer people.

Weather: Always check the weather forecast before heading out. Avoid canoeing during windy conditions or when storms are predicted.

Safety: Wear life jackets (provided with rentals), carry water and snacks, and make sure your mobile phone is protected in a waterproof bag. Always let someone know your planned route and return time.

Environmental Considerations

When engaging in water activities in Jasper National Park, it's important to be mindful of the natural environment:

Avoid disturbing wildlife

Keep a respectful distance from any animals you might encounter.
Pack out what you pack in: Be sure to take all your garbage with you to keep the lakes pristine.
Use biodegradable products: If you're planning to picnic or need sunscreen, try to use products that won't harm the aquatic ecosystem.

Benefits of Canoeing in Jasper

Peace and Quiet: Canoeing offers a serene experience, away from the crowds and noise of motorized boats.
Connection with Nature: Paddling quietly can also enhance your chances of wildlife sightings, as you're less likely to disturb the animals.
Flexibility: You can explore at your own pace, make stops whenever you like, and choose your own route around the lakes.

Canoeing in Jasper National Park is an enriching experience that connects you deeply with the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, providing both adventure and relaxation in one of the world's most stunning landscapes.