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Booking attractions in Jasper National Park, located in Alberta, Canada. Jasper National Park has a variety of incredible experiences for nature enthusiasts, from stunning mountain landscapes to abundant wildlife. Jasper National Park is one of the largest and most northerly of the Rocky Mountain national parks, offering a sublime expanse of untamed wilderness for visitors to explore. It spans over 11,000 square kilometers (4,200 square miles) and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, and others in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks system.

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Jasper Food Tour

Book Jasper Jasper Food Tour

Book Jasper Food Tour

Jasper Food Tour

Jasper is for Foodies!
And for people who love their cocktails! The food culture in Jasper is eclectic and unique. From Canadian classics, locally brewed beers, wild game and globally inspired restos - there's something to tickle your palate.

Join us on the Downtown Foodie Tour - a short guided walk over 3 hours where you will be visiting four restaurants and tasting four carefully handpicked dishes, each paired with an alcoholic beverage. Along the way you will learn about Jasper's history and taking in some of the town's tastiest tales. The goal? To leave full, in both body and mind, with memories and cravings for a lifetime!

Book Jasper Food Tour

Jasper Food and Dining Tours

Here’s how you can enjoy a culinary exploration in and around Jasper National Park:

Local Jasper Food and Dining Experiences

Jasper Restaurants and Cafés

The Jasper Dining Experience:

Many local restaurants offer dishes that incorporate Canadian and specifically Albertan ingredients, such as game meats (elk, bison, and deer), freshwater fish, and locally sourced vegetables.

Local Jasper Food Favorites

For those looking to try some local specialties, options like elk burgers, poutine, and locally brewed beers are must-tries. Restaurants like Evil Dave’s Grill, The Raven Bistro, and Tekarra Restaurant are known for their creative menus.

Jasper Breweries and Distilleries

Jasper Brewing Co.

Established in 2005, Jasper Brewing Co. was Canada’s first national park brewery. It offers a range of craft beers brewed on-site, which you can sample in the brewpub along with a solid menu of hearty dishes.

Folding Mountain Brewing

Located just outside the park boundaries near the east gate, it’s a great place to stop for freshly brewed beer and good food, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Jasper's Specialty Food Shops

Bear’s Paw Bakery and The Other Paw Bakery

These sister bakeries are famous in Jasper for fresh pastries, bread, and coffee. They are perfect for picking up snacks before heading out on a hike or sitting down for a relaxed breakfast.

Food Events in Jasper

Jasper in January

This annual festival not only highlights skiing and snowboarding but also includes wine tastings, food pairings, and culinary events hosted by local restaurants. It’s a great time to experience Jasper’s food scene alongside winter sports.

Jasper Food & Culinary Tours

While Jasper does not typically offer structured food tours like those found in urban centers, visitors can create their own culinary tour by visiting multiple restaurants and shops throughout their stay.

More Great Food Settings in Jasper National Park

Picnics in the Park

Many visitors choose to enhance their experience by enjoying a picnic amidst the stunning scenery. Local shops provide various picnic-friendly foods that reflect the local flavor, perfect for a day out in the mountains.

Tips for Food and Dining in Jasper


During peak tourist seasons (summer and winter holidays), it’s wise to make reservations, especially for dinner at popular restaurants.

Local Alberta Ingredients

Don’t miss the chance to try dishes featuring local ingredients - it's a way to connect more deeply with Alberta's culture and geography.

Although not a traditional food tour destination, Jasper offers a culinary scene that complements its wilderness experiences, allowing visitors to enjoy both the great outdoors and the taste of the Canadian Rockies. Whether you’re dining in a cozy café, sipping locally crafted beer, or enjoying a meal with a mountain view, Jasper’s culinary offerings are sure to enhance your visit to the national park.